Welcome to Sayee Chem Industries.

Our Sayee Chem Industries was started in the year 1990 by two young engineers from rural agricultural background - Mr.K.S.Raghupathi and Mr.E.Shanmugam, in a small way with big vision.

We manufacture Zinc Sulphate Hepta Hydrate- Znso4.7H2o, a Micronutrient Fertilizer.

In the past 20 years, We have steadily grown and expanded our capacity to an enviable size. Supported by quality technology, We have progressed to reach a respectable position in the highly competitive world of Zinc Sulphate manufacturing.

Today,We cater to the needs of the farmers of southern state of India and also to the goverment departments,big firms,estates etc.

Our 'Laxmi Brand' Agri Grade Zinc Sulphate is well recognized as its excellence is guaranteed with the help of stringent quality control system and it easily transcends the ISI and FCO specifications.Genuine Zinc Sulphate nullifies the wastage of major nutrients N,P,K by taking them to the crop properly-thereby increasing the yield/profit.

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